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AXE-R project

AXE-R is divided into two sections – the cooling section and the hardware section. The cooling section is divided in two loops, one for  CPU and another for GPU, which greatly enhances the performance efficiency of the components. It’s premium outlook is achieved through hand-brushed aluminium, nickel fittings, and waterblocks.  The AXE-R case has a built-in Arduino unit that measures the humidity and temperature, during which it’s programmed to open the lid and circulate air throughout the chassis, should the overheating of the components occur.   Therefore, the AXE-R is a powerful yet smart tech case.

  • Aluminium structure 100% 100%
  • Water cooled components 100% 100%
  • Powder coated 100% 100%
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Video of project

We presented the whole work through video

What is AXE-R – EP02

Arduino – EP06

Mounting blocks – EP10

Problems2 – podcast – EP14

Nessa – AXE-R team – EP03

Laser cut – EP07

Problems – Podcast – EP11

World champions – EP15

Visit to EK WB -EP03

Hardware – EP08

Assembly – EP12

Electronic – EP05

Bending – EP09

It works – EP13

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Components we used for this project

Type of componentBrandNamepcsSponsored
MotherboardVisit siteX399 Gaming 71yes
ProcessorVisit siteThreadripper 1950x1yes
Graphic cardVisit siteVega642yes
Ram memoryVisit siteXPG 8 GB RGB8yes
Power SupplyVisit siteV1200 Platinum1yes
CaseVisit siteAXE-R by SS-MODS1our product
FansVisit siteMA120 RGB fans10yes
RGB ControllerVisit siteRGB LED Controller1yes
Water coolingVisit siteEKWB full custom dual-loop/yes