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Shadows project

is based on the Cooler Master Q300P case. All sides have been replaced with new panels so that the hardware that we plan to implement are put into the case with no problem. In this project we also used 3d printing of certain parts. The cables were made in size because of the very small space inside the case.

  • Custome steel structure 85% 85%
  • Water cooled components 50% 50%
  • Powder coated 95% 95%
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Components we used for this project

Type of componentBrandNamepcsSponsored
MotherboardVisit siteZ370 Gaming PRO Carbon1yes
ProcessorVisit siteI5 84001no
Graphic cardVisit siteGTX 1080Ti Lightning1yes
Ram memoryMemory 8GB2no
Power SupplyVisit siteV7501yes
CaseVisit siteQ300P1yes
Fans and coolingVisit siteAll water coolingxyes
SSD256 GB1no